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LG OLED55B8PUA User Manual 4K HDR Smart OLED TV

LG OLED55B8PUA User Manual – The 2018 OLED B8 4k HDR from LG is the slightly cheaper and simpler cousin of the 2018 LG C8 OLED 4k HDR TV and, in line with the typical patterns of the line of LG OLED TV’s 4k each year, has almost the same performance as the C8. There are differences between the two TVs, both in terms of design and as far as visualization specifications are concerned, and some of these differences make the B8 a slightly lower model, but they are all very small. In other words, this is an exceptional new premium TV 2018 LG 4k HDR with organic light diode technology and although we will cover its small flaws and deviations from which the C8 or the rival A8F OLED TV from Sony can do in the following sections , we will also explain why the B8 has a lot of value and quality to offer. After all, this is the OLED TV viewing technology that we’re talking about here.

The TV OLED B8 of LG is the best rated television of this year with this type of technology for the North American market. It’s not as good as the Sony HDR A8F OLED model or the LG C8 Edition, but it gets very close and costs a little less decent (especially compared to the Sony A8F). However, in almost all major performance measurements, the B8 is excellent and we highly recommend it for its overall value per dollar spent. If you want to get the best possible performance on an OLED TV, then choose a model LG or Sony more expensive, but if you are looking for what is still an excellent performance of 2018 in this type of TV while saving money, choose the B8. .

LG OLED55B8PUA User Manual – There’s a lot to like about the B8. As we said before, he plays almost as well as the C8 and we love his cousin. In other words, our eulogy will be almost the same for this issue and will also take into account the qualities that are very specific to this particular TV. In terms of screen performance and hardware handling, the B8 is a great model. It is also beautifully designed and (fortunately) does not come with a curved screen.

OLED means perfect contrast and perfect black levels. This is a universal quality of technology on all OLED screens, regardless of its price or other features. The B8 offers these two crucial specifications as well as any other OLED TV, which means that it meets both perfectly. In short, the OLED screens work by creating light within the individual pixels of the TV screen. The light emitting organic diodes of an OLED TV can be individually illuminated or completely deactivated as needed. As a result, when you need deep blacks, they are really totally black, and when you need a high contrast, it’s literally infinite because the illuminated parts of the screen match the black sections that don’t emit light.

LG OLED55B8PUA User Manual – LCD TVs can not even get close to this because they come with led matrices behind the LCD screen and cut the light by contrast by turning off the inaccurate sections of that led matrix and blocking the remaining light within their pixels with small filters. The technology works well on high-quality LCD TVs, but it never completely removes at least some level of bleeding from the backlight (which produces halo effects around illuminated objects on a dark background and “cloudiness” in large sections of the screen).

What all this means is that with the B8, you’ll get perfect black levels and a perfect infinity contrast from a guy who can’t even match the much more expensive HDR LCD TVs.

LG OLED55B8PUA User Manual – Due to the same technology described above, in which the individual pixels are turned on or off as needed for the content, the B8, like all OLED TVs, offers what is called OLED attenuation capability. In other words, instead of the limited number of inaccurate local attenuation zones created by LCD TVs that can disable sections of LED backlight matrices, this TV can turn the brightness off or on to the right of the Single-pixel precision. Like a 4k TV, the B8 comes with almost 8.3 million pixels on your screen, so you can imagine the attenuation accuracy that this technology offers.

The LG B8 is not as capable of a high maximum brightness as the LG C8 or Sony A8F, but still produces levels that are excellent compared to those of the oldest 4k OLED TVs or most LCD TVs Even. When combined with its perfect black levels, what you get is the visual impression of an excellent contrast and, in turn, it means excellent overall picture quality and a color vibration, as the brightly colored images illuminate the tones Dark.

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