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Panasonic TX-55EZ952B Smart TV User Manual

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B Smart TV Overview

We’ve just evaluated the greater and somewhat brighter form of this TV, the Panasonic TX-65EZ952B. What we have here is the 55-inch EZ952, which is yours for £2999.

Panasonic has pushed the outline watercraft out generally, yet with the EZ952 it keeps things reassuringly preservationist. The board is skinny, built out just by gadgets and contributions starting from the waist. The bezel is modest. It lives on a work of art, yet substantial, platform.

Associations incorporate 4 HDMIs – all HDCP 2.2 agreeable, with one ARC-empowered. There are three USBs, one of which is of the quick v3.0 variation. Close by are likewise a SD card peruser, optical computerized sound yield, a small jack connector for segment and composite AV, and Ethernet. Double band Wi-Fi is standard. There are two satellite tuners in addition to Freeview Play also.

The TV ships with two remote controls, a top notch IR pointer with a heavyweight metallic complete, and a little Bluetooth touch controller.

Brilliant usefulness comes by means of the Panasonic My Home Screen 2.0 stage, a deduction of the first Firefox TV OS. It’s insignificant in execution yet simple to utilize, including some accommodating usefulness. The set dispatches with three roundabout tabs (Live TV, Apps and Devices) on the homescreen, yet you can stick more to make life less demanding. These could go from Netflix to particular information sources.

Application arrangement is great. There’s Netflix, which streams in 4K and HDR; Amazon Video (not yet dynamic on our audit test) and YouTube, both with 4K bolster; in addition to all the principle get up to speed TV administrations (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Demand 5), Wuaki TV and different sundries.

The set gloats Ultra HD Premium accreditation and backings HDR10, with a firmware refresh for HLG communicate HDR up and coming. Dolby Vision isn’t upheld, in any case.

Panasonic TX-55EZ952B – Performance

Picture quality is on the correct side of beautiful. The set consolidates strong progression with phenomenal 2160p detail and tasty shading devotion.

While the TV’s HDR crest brilliance isn’t class-driving, it surpasses what we’ve seen on first-gen Panasonic OLEDs and Philips’ comparably evaluated 55-inch POS901F. With a 10% window, we gauged 564 nits, ascending to 579 nits with a 5% window in HDR Normal mode with full luminance. This is simply in abundance of what’s required for Ultra HD Premium accreditation for OLED.

The set tries to trick with a broad scope of control, despite the fact that generally it’s best left on autopilot. Movable picture parameters incorporate Luminance, Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, Sharpness, and a host a minor factors.

Picture presets contain Dynamic, Normal, Cinema, THX Cinema, THX Bright Room, True Cinema, Custom and Professional 1 and 2. There’s likewise a fast gaming mode accessible by means of the Picture/alternatives menu. With HDR sources, the TV offers a HDR form of the proportionate preset.

Experimentation is energized, in spite of the fact that I speculate Normal will be the default alternative for most substance, since it joins a group satisfying mix of good normal picture level, picture detail and lavish shading.

The default settings are for the most part very much judged, in spite of the fact that I’d propose decreasing Sharpness to 45 on the sliding scale to abstain from ringing.

Ostensibly the most disagreeable client setting is Intelligent Frame Creation, Panasonic’s long-standing picture introduction mode intended to decrease judder and spreading. Keen Frame Creation really limitedly affects movement clearness. Where it’s compelling is in holding point of interest in panned static pictures – regularly, foundations. In the event that you need to augment movement determination, utilize the Clear Motion setting. It’s in fact compelling, however the final product is to a great extent unwatchable because of a meddling flash.

The Minimum IFC setting is the most kind, and the photo for the most part looks cleaner than with IFC Off. In any case, in the event that you draw in IFC Mid or Max, movement antiques turn out to be very clear.

The TV conveys a full slate of 4K fine detail in all review modes – despite the fact that those THX presets quiet differentiation and definition. Execution on Normal is brilliant. Utilizing a 0-1000 nit slope, we can see the set adequately tone maps to 1000 nits.

The EZ952’s ideal dark level is promptly obvious in the letterbox bars of any motion picture, which is inquisitively exciting. Seen in a dim room, you’ll get a honest to goodness feeling of 21:9 confining.

This capacity to convey pitch dark reliably upgrades profundity and dramatization. At the point when Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) makes that big appearance to sing for his life in the season finale of The Leftovers S2, he’s selected by a spotlight that flawlessly vignettes to unadulterated dark – you simply know this is precisely what the cinematographer had at the top of the priority list.

The shading array guarantees just about 100% of the DCI-P3 shading space. The sheer dynamic quality of the forsake arrangements in Mad Max Fury Road (UHD Blu-beam) are really delightful, with HDR improving the dark blue horizon; the pale pasty skin of the War Boys compared against the red hot orange blasts of custom trucks and spiked pirates demonstrates a visual devour.

Not that the EZ952 needs local HDR to inspire. F1 in UHD on Sky Sports is staggering. Pack scenes specifically are bursting at the seams with fine detail. Each group cap and held refreshment shows up finely outlined. You don’t take a gander at the photo; you investigate it.

Less imperative is sound. The TV utilizes ordinary descending terminating stereo speakers, which go noisy however need definition. All things considered, if the screen is utilized with a home silver screen framework or a soundbar then this won’t be an issue.

In case you’re after a moderate looking OLED TV, equipped for shocking lucidity and genuine shading abundance, at that point the EZ952 requests a tryout. It looks breathtaking with Sky Q UHD and 4K Blu-beam, and on account of Freeview Play and Panasonic’s disentangled Smart UI, it’s a treat to live with.

The Panasonic EZ952 is prepared to do to a great degree abnormal amounts of UHD clearness, with HDR that is anything but difficult to watch. Picture profundity is articulated, and there’s a dynamic quality to its shading rendering. The absence of Dolby Vision similarity may turn into an issue in case you’re putting resources into UHD Blu-beam – however this doesn’t cheapen what is a fantastic TV for the cash.

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