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Sony XBR55A1E User Manual Bravia OLED 4K HDR TV

Sony XBR55A1E User Manual Overview

Sony XBR55A1E User Manual – That slogan of essential promotion from the beginning of the organization in the 80’s 90 still resonates today. Over the last few years, Sony has once again highlighted its notoriety with superior and high-cost LCD TVs such as the superb XBR-X930D and XBR-Z9D. For 2017, the famous Japanese brand runs above and beyond with the XBR-A1E, its first OLED-based television for customers from the 11-inch XEL-1 and $ 2,500 from 2008.

The televisions with natural light emitting diodes create the best image quality that we have tested at any time. Nowadays, only LG Display can do them, and it supplies the OLED panels used as part of the Sony A1E. Obviously, LG Electronics offers a lot of OLED models in themselves, all of which go against this Sony for the consideration of very obeyed buyers. Despite its value contrasts, most of LG’s OLED TVs have a similar amazing image quality, so usually the one I like the most is the lowest cost, the C7.

The C7 currently costs around $ 1,000, not exactly the Sony XBR-A1E. In addition, after contrasting the Sony OLED TV with LG’s E7 2017 LG side by side, I can tell you that they have essentially similar image quality. I saw some contrasts in video handling, shading and light performance, however, all are exceptionally minor in the plan of things. At the end of the day, Sony is not worth a thousand dollars more than the C7, or even two or three hundred more, in my book, in light of the quality of the image.

Be that as it may, it IS a Sony. Also, for the huge enthusiasts of that brand with cash to consume, who will not have such a warm place in their souls for LG, that may be enough. Different buyers can be influenced by the beautiful design of all the photos of the A1E, its hidden speakers or even its very competent Android TV frame.

For every other person at the top of the line, the value of the OLED TV goes, in any case, that the additional cash essentially adds up to an evaluation of Sony, and that they do not have to pay. The A1E is a great TV, however, the C7 is a much improved estimate.

No one should blame Sony for the common television scheme with the A1E.

Most televisions use a platform stand or small legs to keep their level tables upright on a table or dresser, however, Sony’s terrible child brings a main support foot. Seen from the side, the ultra-thin OLED board actually rests a couple of degrees, supported by a piece of plastic leaning to the other side. It houses the sources of information, the supply of control, a subwoofer and different guts. A locking pivot accompanies the board, and a heavy weight on the base prevents the TV from tilting forward.

Seen from the front, the impact is surprising: since the support is essentially imperceptible, Sony looks like all the photos, considerably more than the different televisions. The edge of the base is fixed specifically on your furniture, and there are no obvious speakers. It’s just a dark, moderate rectangle, all business.

So, where are the speakers, can you ask? Initially for any television, they are really attached to the screen with an innovation that Sony calls Acoustic Surface. Small transducers behind the screen really make it vibrate to create the highest frequencies, while the subwoofer in the stand deals with the bass. You can not really observe the vibration, and it does not have any impact on the quality of the image, however, the idea is still completely cool. Here is a demonstration of the LG Display stand at CES, where it is marked as “precious stone sound innovation”.

I asked CNET’s occupant sound master, Ty Pendlebury, to contrast the sound of the A1E with that of the LG E7 (which has a sound bar worked) and the Samsung QN65Q7F (which has a more common speaker’s course of action) . Here is your opinion:

Sony’s main guarantee is that its built-in speaker configuration means that the speech really seems to be leaving the mouth of the interpreter. That was the situation in our listening tests, however, it is not an important test in light of the fact that something similar happens with any set of speakers close enough to the screen. When you are simply watching, your brain compensates for the minor position distinction. Contrast with the LG with its speaker mounted on the base, I really needed to focus on counting.

For a television, Sony was a decent artist with music. In the gothic artistic culmination of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”, he gave a satisfying performance between the bass and the tenor voice of Nick Cave.

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